Mega Energías is an Argentinian company that specializes in the development and implementation of  Renewable Energies and Gas for companies, municipalities, cooperatives and different entities belonging to both the private and state sector, under national and international regulations. 


We develop, manufacture and install infrastructure works for traditional and alternative energies, and we serve clients from both the private and public sector. We train our human resources to build knowledge preserving our collaborators’ safety, ensuring the communities’ well-being and seeking environmental protection.


To be suppliers renowned for the excellence achieved in our projects to provide energy, services and equipment to both private and state entities.



  1. The organization is committed to raise awareness among the staff so that the current situation is taken into consideration when making strategic decisions with an impact on quality improvement and environmental protection.
  2. The organization ensures that the Integrated Policy set forth herein is a reference framework to define, monitor and reach goals, always aiming at improving the System, identifying in turn possible risks and ways to mitigate and/or eliminate them by means of suitable actions related.
  3. MEGA undertakes to comply with all the legal and environmental requirements that apply to its Integrated System to prove our firm decision to achieve a transparent management, contributing to generate confidence and reliability with our stakeholders, and considering pollution prevention and environmental protection as our top priority when performing our activities.
  4. The organization seeks to fulfill all the requirements that apply to the products and services provided by us and agreed with our clients, so as to meet their needs as a main goal.
  5. MEGA implements, maintains and manages its Integrated System across all the company sectors to achieve development and continuous improvement of all the processes with reliable consistency and support

Our company is our people. We offer a positive working environment, promoting support and encouraging continuous learning, so that each employee manages to reach their full potential. We learn from mistakes, we solve them. We do not punish them.

The Company has the strong conviction that an impeccable integrated management of the business leads our clients, our community and our own staff to feel confident that we work seeking equality and commitment in all the activities we perform.

Marcelo Lombardo
President Mega Energías
Rev. :07