Mega Energías is an Argentinian company that specializes in the development and implementation of  Renewable Energies and Gas for companies, municipalities, cooperatives and different entities belonging to both the private and state sector, under national and international regulations. 


We develop, manufacture and install infrastructure works for traditional and alternative energies, and we serve clients from both the private and public sector. We train our human resources to build knowledge preserving our collaborators’ safety, ensuring the communities’ well-being and seeking environmental protection.


To be suppliers renowned for the excellence achieved in our projects to provide energy, services and equipment to both private and state entities.



  1. Raise awareness among our collaborators about the current context and to provide them with continuous training to update their knowledge and skills related to their jobs, aiming at the improving quality, environmental care, safety and occupational health.
  2. Approach management in order to identify and mitigate risks in advance so as to take preventive measures and avoid a negative impact on our environment and on the quality of our products and services.
  3. Comply with all applicable general, legal and environmental requirements, based on our Integrated Management System, focusing on our customer needs and promoting environmental protection.
  4. Involve management to ensure compliance with this Integrated Policy throughout the organization and to establish clear and measurable objectives for continuous improvement.
  5. Implement, manage and update our Integrated Management System to improve the processes achieved thanks to this policy, and to strengthen it and make it more mature, reliable and able to provide support.

Rev.:08 – 12/9/2023

Our team is our primary strength. We create a positive work environment where we provide support and encourage continuous learning, enabling each staff member to reach their full potential. We value the ability to learn from mistakes and resolve them instead of punishing the team. The company firmly believes that by maintaining impeccable business management, we gain the trust of our customers, the community, and our own employees, ensuring commitment and fairness in the workplace.

Ing. Marcelo Lombardo